The Three Dimensional Flow Field at the Exit of an Axial-Flow Turbine Rotor
The Nonlinear Galerkin Method A Multi-Scale Method Applied to the Simulation of Homogeneous Turbulent Flows
Postflight Hardware Evaluation Rsrm-29 (Sts-54) Appendix C Nozzle Pfors
Project Longshot A Mission to Alpha Centauri
Shuttle Laser Technology Experiment Facility (Ltef)-To-Airplane Lasercom Experiment Airplane Considerations
The NASA Aircraft Noise Prediction Program Improved Propeller Analysis System
Stand Alone Pressure Measurement Device (Sapmd) for the Space Shuttle Orbiter Part 1
Space Shuttle Main Engine Structural Analysis and Data Reduction Evaluation Volume 2 High Pressure Oxidizer Turbo-Pump Turbine End Bearing Analysis
Recent Insights Into Instability and Transition to Turbulence in Open-Flow Systems
Remote Manipulator System (Rms)-Based Controls-Structures Interaction (Csi) Flight Experiment Feasibility Study
Superplastic Formability of Al-Cu-Li Alloy Weldalite (Tm) 049
Users Manual for Macpasco
Univers The Construction of an Internet-Wide Descriptive Naming System
Sts-51 Rsrm-033 360t033 Ksc Processing Configuration and Data Report
Proposal for a Low Cost Close Air Support Aircraft for the Year 2000 The Raptor
Surf3d A 3-D Finite-Element Program for the Analysis of Surface and Corner Cracks in Solids Subjected to Mode-1 Loadings
Trace Chemical Contaminant Generation Rates for Spacecraft Contamination Control System Design
Static Internal Performance of Convergent Single-Expansion-Ramp Nozzles with Various Combinations of Internal Geometric Parameters
Seds Experiment Design Definition
Stratospheric Aircraft Exhaust Plume and Wake Chemistry Studies
Spacecraft Mass Estimation Relationships and Engine Data Task 11 of the Lunar Base Systems Study
Sxi Prototype Mirror Mount
Jsc Directors Discretionary Fund 1992 Annual Report
Effect of Full-Chord Porosity on Aerodynamic Characteristics of the NACA 0012 Airfoil
Over the Amish Summer A Collection of Amish Romance
Gamma Guidance of Trajectories for Coplanar Aeroassisted Orbital Transfer
The Appalachian Trail Log - Write Your Own History Book on the Historical Path from Maine to Georgia
GPS Attitude Determination Using Deployable-Mounted Antennas
Flow Induced Vibrations in the Ssme Injector Heads
Evaluation of Undeveloped Rocket Engine Cycle Applications to Advanced Transportation
Fastener Design Manual
Determination of Stability and Control Derivatives from the NASA F A-18 Harv from Flight Data Using the Maximum Likelihood Method
Glsens A Generalized Extension of Lsens Including Global Reactions and Added Sensitivity Analysis for the Perfectly Stirred Reactor
Gone with the War A Collection of Mail Order Bride Romances
Development of a Multipurpose Smart Recorder for General Aviation Aircraft
Globec Global Ocean Ecosystems Dynamics A Component of the Us Global Change Research Program
Laboratory Study of the Noticeability and Annoyance of Sounds of Low Signal-To-Noise Ratio
Euler Technology Assessment Program for Preliminary Aircraft Design Employing Splitflow Code with Cartesian Unstructured Grid Method
An Introduction to the Psychology of Religion
Flight Set 360t004 (Sts-30) Insulation Component Interim Release Volume 3
Assurance Specification Documentation Standard and Data Item Descriptions (Did) Volume of the Information System Life-Cycle and Documentation Standards Volume 4
Effects of Nose Radius and Aerodynamic Loading on Leading Edge Receptivity
Annular Solar Eclipse of 10 May 1994
Consistent Approach to Describing Aircraft Hirf Protection
Final Sts-35 Columbia Descent Bet Products and Results for Larc Oex Investigations
Optimum Design of High-Speed Prop-Rotors
1hub 80 20 Strategic Business Growth Model
Measuring Uncertainty by Extracting Fuzzy Rules Using Rough Sets
The Application of Statistically Designed Experiments to Resistance Spot Welding
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