Annual Financial Report State of New York
Terrestrial Magnetism Results of Magnetic Observations
Exempla Ornamentorum the Book of Ornament Embracing Title Pages Borders [C]
Jordan Farms an Epic in Homespun
Wild Mike and His Victim
Yoricks Sentimental Journey Continued to Which Is Prefixed Some Account of the Life and Writings of Mr Sterne
Annual Report Issue 12
A Book of Bryn Mawr Verses
Lives of Scotish Authors Viz Fergusson Falconer and Russell
Rules for English Composition and Particularly for Themes Designed for the Use of Schools and in Aid of Self-Instruction
Annual Report of the Insurance Commissioner of the State of California for the Year Ended
A Visit to the Old House in the Country [Followed By] the Man Without the Key by E Thorp [Followed By] John Browns Family by M Thorp
Neurological Technique Some Special Histological Methods Employed for the Study of the Nervous System
Harvard College Class of 1871 Fifth Report of the Secretary
Problems of American Civilization
The Cornellian
Beautiful Builders
Hydroids of the Hawaiian Islands Collected by the Steamer Albatross in 1902
The American Entomologist An Illustrated Magazine of Popular and Practical Entomology Volume 1
Form and Structure of Certain Plant Hybrids in Comparison with the Form and Structure of Their Parents
A Review of the Late Motion for an Address to His Majesty Against a Certain Great Minister and the Reasons for It
The Autobiography of Thomas Shepard The Celebrated Minister of Cambridge N E with Additional Notices of His Life and Character
Opinions of Over 100 Physicians on the Use of Opium in China
What Then Does Dr Newman Mean A Reply to a Pamphlet Lately Published by Dr Newman
The Young Students Companion or Elementary Lessons and Exercises in Translating from English Into French
The Hand-Book of the Pennsylvania Lines
John Adams a Character Sketch With Supplementary Essay
The Fatal Dowry A Tragedy in Five Acts
The Book of Common Prayer and Books Connected with Its Origin and Growth
Truth Tattle and Toyland
Skeltons Satirical Poems in Their Relation to Lydgates Order of Fools Cock Lorells Bote and Barclays Ship of Fools
Compendium of the Art of Always Rejoicing
Gonadectomy in Relation to the Secondary Sexual Characters of Some Domestic Birds
American Policy The Western Hemisphere in Its Relation to the Eastern
The Remembrances of a Polish Exile
The Play Called the Four Pp Volume 32
The Vertebrates of the Cayuga Lake Basin N Y
Witchcraft in Salem Village
Very Funny Not Too Funny
Scotch Salmon Fisheries Letter to the Fishery Board for Scotland Rights of River Proprietors
Little Sister Snow
An Analytical Key to Some of the Common Wild and Cultivated Species of Flowering Plants
Advice to the Privileged Orders In the Several States of Europe Resulting from the Necessity and Propriety of a General Revolution in the Principle of Government Part 1 the Third Edition by Joel Barlow
How to Increase the Business of a Trust Company
Tropical Forest Resources Forestry Paper 30
A Quiet Half-Hour a Farce
Bulletin of Photography The Weekly Magazine for the Professional Photographer Volume 10
Grammar and Vocabulary of the Lau Language Solomon Islands
Selectios from the Records of the Bengal Government
Winnowings of the Wind
Quaestiones Naxiae
Selected Articles on a Central Bank of the United States
To All Who Smoke a Few Words in Defence of Tobacco
A Letter to the Lord Chancellor on the Necessity and Practicality of Forming a Code of the Laws of England To Which Is Annexed the New Bankrupt Law Arranged in the Method of Domats Civil Law and in a Style Suited to the Humblest Capacity
Widow Tanners Cactus by the Author of Many Cloudsdale
Pollen Formation in Oenothera Biennis L
Tools and Machines
The Coming of Cuculain
The Early Popularity of Miltons Minor Poems
The Call of the Republic a National Army and Universal Military Service
The Psychology of Drawing with Special Reference to Laboratory Teaching
United States Income and War Tax Guide Law of 1919
Duty or Love and Jealousy
Second Melbourne General Catalogue of 1211 Stars for the Epoch 1880 Deduced from Observations Extending from 18710 to 18847 Made at the Melbourne Observatory
A List of Hymenoptera Collected by JK Lord Esq In Egypt in the Neighbourhood of the Red Sea
The Early Renaissance Two Lectures Delivered at the Yale Art School Jan 14 and 21 1880
Comic Recitations and Readings Being a Complete Assortment of Comic Humorous and Dialect Recitations Suitable for Delivery at All Times and on All Occasions Including All of the Late and Popular Efforts of the Worlds Greatest Humorists and Entertain
Collectanea 1st-2D Series Volume 2
Judaea Capta
The Little Confectioner Containing Recipes and Processes
Reports Presented by the Committee in September 1921 Together with the Proceedings of the Assembly and the Council Upon Such Reports
Edward Dorr McCarthy
Thirteenth and Subsequent Censuses
The Cost of Production
United States Magnetic Tables and Magnetic Charts for 1905
Ave An Ode for the Centenary of the Birth of Percy Bysshe Shelley August 4 1792
Fornislenzk Malmyndalysing
Two Sermons [On ROM XIII 1 and 2 Tim IV 1 2] and a Charge
Belteshazzar Or the Heroic Jew A Dramatic Poem
Theodore Dwight Woolsey A Biograhical Sketch
Studies of Criminal Responsibility and Limited Responsibility
The Criminal Insane in the United States and in Foreign Countries
Tax Lists of the Town of Providence During the Administration of Sir Edmund Andros and His Council
The Pith of Astronomy (Without Mathematics) The Latest Facts and Figures as Developed by the Giant Telescopes
The Devotions of Bishop Andrews
The Nursery Lesson Book A Guide for Mothers in Teaching Young Children
The Hexaemeral Literature A Study of the Greek and Latin Commentaries on Genesis
Bramans Information about Texas
The Doctrine of Non-Intervention with Slavery in the Territories
The Way to Happiness
Memorial Address on the Occasion of the Cenntennail Annversary
Transactions of the Clinical Society of the University of Michigan Volume 1
The Role of the Meteipoi in the Life of the Ancient Greeks
Quindecennial Volume Harvard College Class of 1896
William James
Standardization of the Schools in Kansas
Seen in a Mexican Plaza A Summers Idyll of an Idle Summer
Food Poisoning
Proceedings Issue 1
Scripture Facts Chronologically Arranged by H Combes and E Hines
Kela Bai
A Treatise on Trigonometry by Profs Oliver Wait and Jones
A Short History of the American Navy
Diss Iur Inaug de Odiosis in Iure
A Glossary of Dialectal Place-Nomenclature to Which Is Appended a List of Family Surnames Pronounced Differently from What the Spelling Suggests
Principles of Metal Mining
The National Tariff Commission Association Convention A Complete Record of the Proceedings Washington DC January 11 12 1911
de Apparitionibus Mortuorum Vivis Ex Pacto Factis Von Der Abgeredeten Erscheinung Nach Dem Tode
The Urine the Common Poisons and the Milk Memoranda Chemical and Microscopical for Laboratory Use
The Judicial Chronicle Being a List of the Judges of the Courts of Common Law and Chancery in England and America and of the Contemporary Reports from the Earliest Period of the Reports to the Present Time
On the Indian Sect of the Jainas
Selected Lyrics from Dryden Collins Gray Cowper and Burns
Biological Studies on Corymorpha I C Palma and Environment
Athenian Constitutional History As Represented in Grotes History of Greece
Letters from Losph Ritson Esq
Prolegomena to a Complex Exposition
Syllabus of a Course of Lectures on the Science and Art of Teaching
The New Reformation and Its Relation to Moral and Social Problems
Proceedings Volume 4
Descriptive Poems Containing Picturesque Views of the State of New York
On Defective Hearing Its Curable Forms and Rational Treatment Paper
The Persecuted Family A Narrative of the Sufferings of Religious and Pious Christians
Ancient Devotional Poetry Devotional Poetry Now First Published from a Manuscript of the Xvith or Xviith Century
Punctuation and Letter-Writing Containing Also the Rules for the Use of Capital Letters
Carlsle Cathedral
Eutropi Historia Romana Selections from the History of the Republican Period
Analyses of Cereals Collected at the Worlds Columbian Exposition and Comparisons with Other Data
Little Prudy
The California Column Its Campaigns and Services in New Mexico Arizona and Texas During the Civil War with Sketches of Brigadier General James H Carleton Its Commander and Other Officers and Soldiers
Fifty Years on the Road The Autobiography of a Traveling Salesman
James A Garfield Memorial Address Pronounced in the Hall of Representatives February 27 1882
Manual of Brigade Drill In Accordance with the Field Exercise and Evolutions of Infantry
Subject and Object
A Familiar Illustration of Certain Passages of Scripture Relating to the Power of Man to Do the Will of God Original Sin Election and Reprobation the Divinity of Christ and Atonement for Sin by the Death of Christ
Pioneer Indianapolis
Secretarys Report Issue 7
Pazza Per Amore La
A Fruitful Church 1832-1892 A Brief History of the Several Churches and Sabbath Schools That Have Been the Outgrowth of the Historic First Presbyterian Church Washington Square Philadelphia During the Past Threescore Years A Tribute of Loving
Transactions of the American Dermatological Association at the Meeting Held at Volume 15
Transactions of the Liverpool Engineering Society Volume 12
Tractatio Phys de Origine Animae Humanae
Winter Scenes in the Denham Family
Early English Portrait Miniatures in the Collection of the Duke of Buccleuch
Twelfe Plain Sermons for the Use of Native Christians in Bengal
Seal Fisheries of Behring Sea Message from the President of the United States Transmitting a Letter from the Secretary of State with Accompanying Papers Touching the Subjects in Dispute Between the Government of the United States and the
County Experiment Farms in Ohio Annual Reports for 1915
Agricultural Distress
Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire for the Year Volume 34
Key to Fishs Arithmetic Number Two For Teachers and Private Learners
The Metre of Dantes Comedy Discussed and Exemplified by A and HB Forman
Report of the Dairy and Food Commissioner to the Governor
Arboriculture A Journal of the Forests Volume 8
Proceedings at the Annual Meeting
Vector Analysis and the Theory of Relativity
English in American Universities
Wild Flowers of Plymouth and Vicinity 1804-1904
Thats Me All Over Mable
Palmerston and the Hungarian Revolution a Dissertation Which Was Awarded the Prince Consort Prize 1914
A Concise Grammar of the Dutch Language With Selections from the Best Authors in Prose and Poetry
Memorial of ColHugh Henry Osgood
The Topography and Geology of the District Between Cairo and Suez
The Way to Be Happy Or the Story of Willie the Gardener Boy
Recollections and Reflections During an Occasional Week-Day Lounge in Bristol Cathedral
Broken Lights A Book of Verse
One Wish And Other Poems of Love and Life
The Life Beyond This Mortal Must Put on Immortality
The Army of the Potomac Its Organization Its Commander and Its Campaign
A Method of Calculating the Cubic Contents of Excavations and Embankments by the Aid of Diagrams T
Phil Mays Illustrated Annual Volume 1904-1905
A Memoir of Robert MT Hunter
Varieties Fowls
Reply to Bishop Colensos Attack Upon the Pentateuch
An Essay on the Prose of John Milton
The Plutus of Aristophanes
The Country Minister of a By-Gone Time A Biographical Sketch of REV Amos Foster
Critical Dialogue Between Aboo and Caboo on a New Book Or a Grandissime Ascension
Irish Journal of Medical Science Volume 115 Ser3 N377
A Description of Buxton and the Adjacent Country Or the New Guide for Ladies and Gentlemen Resorting to That Place of Health and Amusement Compiled by W Bott Buxton
California Laws Made Plain Laws and Legal Forms Prepared for the Use of Farmers Mechanics and Business Men
General Catalogue of the Theological Seminary Andover Mass 1880
The False Gods
The Broken Heart
The Creed of My Heart And Other Poems
A Criticism of the Critical Philosophy
On the Eve of the War
An Introduction to Determinants with Numerous Examples
The New Godiva and Other Studies in Social Questions
The Listener in Oxford by the Author of Christ Our Example
Business Success What It Is and How to Secure It A Lecture Delivered Before the Toronto Young Mens Christian Association
The Barnes Family A Smile on Every Page
Clouds on the Horizon an Essay on the Various Forms of Belief Which Stand in the Way of the Acceptance of Real Christian Faith by the Educated Natives of Asia Africa America and Oceania
Oxford and the Rhodes Scholarships
Constitution of the Commonwealth and the Rearrangement Thereof
A Letter to Dr Durell Occasioned by a Late Expulsion of Six Students from Edmund Hall
A Ready Reckoner for the Use of Maltsters Farmers Seedsmen
The Wild Flowers
Afternoons of April A Book of Verse
Now We Got Our Bible
London Lyrics
Destructive and Constructive Food Mixtures
Annual Report of the Adjutant-General of the State of North Carolina for the Year [Serial] Volume 1884
Flora Vectiana Being an Arrangement of the More Rare and Interesting Plants Indigenous to the Isle of Wight
Marshaling the Forces of Patriotism A Course of Twelve Studies for Use in the Church School
Annual Reports for the Town of Bristol New Hampshire Volume 1896
Annual Reports for the Town of Bristol New Hampshire Volume 1905
The First Wardens Poems
Decisive Episodes in Western History An Address Delivered at Iowa City Iowa Before the State Historical Society of Iowa on February Twenty-First Nineteen Hundred Fourteen
Constitution By-Laws
Once a Year Tales and Legends of Westmorland Issue 1
Bayside Verses
Letter to the Right Hon the Speaker Upon the System of Procedure for the Trial of Controverted Elections Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Fireside Musings [Poems]
England An Account of Past and Contemporary Conditions and Progress
Letters from a Liason Officer
Deportmental Ditties
California And Other Poems
Official Program of Exercised Incident to Dedication of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at East Rock Park New Haven Conn on Friday June 17th 1887
Crawfords Claim
Second Catalogue of the Library [Followed By] a Catalogue of Books Belonging to the Norwich City Library Which Are Now Deposited in the Norwich Public Library And Which May Be Delivered Out to Members of the Institution
The Public General Statutes With a List of the Local and Private Acts Passed in the Years of the Reign of Being the Session of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Volume 42
Agricultural Education in Secondary Schools Volume PT 2
Distribution List for the Province of British Columbia and Yukon Territory
Biennial Report of the California Highway Commission Volume 2
Brown Alumni Monthly Volume Vol 4 No 6
Annual Reports for the Town of Bristol New Hampshire Volume 1898
Chicago Equestrian Association Organized 1908
Action of Tetrazo-M-Ditolyl Chloride and Tetrazodiphenyl Chloride on Certain Alcohols
Ancestry and Descendants of Lieutendent Jonathon and Tamesin (Barker) Norris of Maine in Which Are Given the Names
Aeacus a Judge of the Underworld
Antiquities from Boscoreale in Field Museum of Natural History
The Individual Development of Man A Discussion of the Influenece of Labor on the Evolution of the Individual
Addresses on the Death of Hon James A Pearce
Sachenrecht Des Entwurfs Eines Burgerlichen Gesetzbuchs in Der Fassung Der Dem Reichstag Gemachten Vorlage Das
Curso Completo de Grammatica Parda Dividido Em Quinze Licoes Nasquaes Se DAO Regras Fixas Para Que Qualquer Possa Viver Sem Precisar de Trabalhar Pelo Bacharel Cantaclaro
Annual Report Volume 1961
Auction Bridge Explained in a Simple Practical Way
California Redwood Natures Lumber Masterpiece
Report by the Commission Appointed to Investigate the Subject of the Annexation of Certain Neighboring Cities and Towns to the City of Boston
Expository Discourses on the Book of Ruth
Easy Latin Exercises for Beginners on the Accidence [Etc]
Avgvstvs Saint-Gavdens
Uber Die Bedeutung Der Pentosane ALS Bestandteile Der Futtermittel Insbesondere Des Roggenstrohes
Christian Theology and Modern Skepticism
Tassos Godfrey of Bulloigne 5 Cantos Tr by R Carew Ed with Intr and Notes by AB Grosart
A Chronological Essay on the Ninth Chapter of the Book of Daniel Or an Interpretation of the Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks
Wachstum Der Menschlichen Chorionzotten Das
Synopsis of the Tariffs and Trade of the British Empire
Cataloging Rules
The Salisbury Guide Giving an Account of the Antiquities of Old Sarum and of the Subterraneous Passage Lately Discovered There The Ancient and Present State of New Sarum or Salisbury
More Than Conquerors
Christian Socialism and Its Opponents
Exercises in Greek Prose Composition
Saskia The Wife of Rembrandt
Proceedings of the New York Pathological Society Volume 2
Fairy Tales Volume 1
The Footsteps of Jesus With Questions for Young People
Our Convict Systems
Lectures on the Day of Atonement Lev XVI
San Juan County New Mexico An Ideal Agricultural Section with Plenty of Water for Irrigation and Land for Homeseekers
Rugantino Or the Bravo of Venice
A Series of Letters to a Universalist In Which the Subject of Modern Universalism Is Examined The Arguments by Which It Is Supported Refuted and Its Falsity and Absurdity Clearly Proved by the Dictates of Common Sense the Light of Sound Philosophy an
Mucous Membranes Normal Abnormal Including Mucin Malignancy
Hospital Formulary of the Department of Public Charities and Correction of the City of New York
Proceedings of the American Medical Editors Association Issue 38
McAroni Ballads And Other Verses
Questions Set at the Examinations Volume 1921
Woodwards Suburban and Country Houses
Report Issue 1issue 3
On the Making of Etchings
Consolidated Laws of New York Annotated
Vichy and Environs
Alleged Socialism of the Church Fathers
Long Look House A Book for Boys and Girls
A Treatise Containing an Entire New Method of Solving Adfected Quadratic and Cubic Equations with Their Application to the Solution of Biquadratic Ones In an Easier and More Concise Way Then Any Yet Publishd Together with the Demonstrations of the
International Law Situations Volume 1904
Publications Issue 91
Papers and Proceedings Volumes 89-91
Questions on a Manual for Courts-Martial US Army 1917
The Comedy of Canonization In Four Scenes
Handbook for Southport Medical and General
Proceedings in the Senate and House of Representatives Upon the Reception and Acceptance from the State of Maryland of the Statues of Charles Carroll of Carrollton and of John Hanson Erected in Statuary Hall of the Capitol
Official Report of Evidence Taken by the Public Accounts Committee in Connection with Ice Breaker
Tree Planting on Streets and Highways
Brazilian Tales
Character and Opinions of William Langland As Shown in the Vision of William Concerning Piers the Plowman
The American Village And Other Poems
Military Map-Reading Field Outpost and Road Sketching for Non-Commissioned Officers
Biennial Report Montana Game and Fish Commission State of Montana Volume 1948-1950
Ellsworth R Bathrick Volume 1
A Poet and His Songs Being a Memoir of Russell Powell Jocoby and a Selection of His Best Poems
The Sure Foundation Or Past and Future of the Society of Friends with a Supplemental Chapter on Some of the Essays Already Published
Price List and Barbers Reference Book of Gust Knecht MFg Co
America Yesterday and Today
Topics in Ancient History
An Enquiry Into the Nature of the Human Soul Its Origin Properties and Faculties Considered Both in Regard to Itself and Its Union with the Body in Which Several Received Opinions Are Confuted Concerning Both
Biennial Report of the State Forest Game and Fish Commissioner of the State of Colorado for the Years 1897 and 1898 J S Swan Commissioner
Reminiscences of an Old Teacher
OLE Virginny Historical Drama in Four Acts
Shakespeares Tragedy of Cymbeline
Hiram Jones Bet A Farce in One Act
The Western Pilot Containing Charts of the Ohio River and of the Mississippi from the Mouth of the Missouri to the Gulf of Mexico Accompanied with Directions Fornavigating the Same and a Gazetteer or Description of the Towns on Their Banks Tributar
Practical Dog Training
Expert Endeavor A Text-Book of Christian Endeavor Methods and Principles For the Use of Classes and of Candidates for the Title of C E E--Christian Endeavor Expert
Memoir and Correspondence Relating to Political Occurrences in June and July 1834
Town of Belmont New Hampshire Annual Report Volume 1923
Ephemeral Effusions [Poems] by DRM
Sunshine and Awkwardness
Snow-Flakes A Chapter from the Book of Nature
Extempore on a Wagon A Metrical Narrative of a Journey from Bethlehem Pa to the Indian Town of Goshen Ohio in the Autumn of 1803
A Supplement to the History of Woodstock Manor and Its Environs With a Notice of the Church and Parish of Wootton
Rhymes of a Tropic Tramp
Report to the General Board of Health on a Preliminary Inquiry Into the Sewerage Drainage and Supply of Water and the Sanitary Condition of the Inhabitants of the Town of Darlington in the County of Durham
Selected Essays from Sainte-Beuve
Rosemary Leaves
Van Dyck His Original Etchings and His Iconography
Bulletin Issue 136
Plays of the 47 Workshop Three Pills in a Bottle
Muscular Work A Metabolic Study with Special Reference to the Efficiency of the Human Body as a Machine
Anzengrubers Portrayal of Character
Transactions of the Dental Society of the State of New York Volume 20
Workizer Thropp Cone Families Biographical Notes Concerning Their Relations to Historical Events in the Schuylkill Valley and Valley Forge
Bi-Metallism at 15 1 2 A Necessity for the Continent for the United States for England
Aeneidos Liber II
The Lure of Life Lyrics of the Zeitgeist
Guess If You Can! Original Enigmas and Charades in Verse Together with Fifty in the French Language by a Lady
Sowing and Reaping A Year of Expansion and Ingathering in the North India Mission of the Presbyterian Church in the USa
Light in Darkness Being an Account of the Salvation Army in the United States
Annual Report of the Michigan Dairymens Association Issue 26
Laboratory Studies in Elementary Chemistry
Mineral Acids Which Cause Soil Acidity
Report of the Treasurer of the State of Wisconsin
Some of the Diseases of the Rectum and Their Homoeopathic and Surgical Treatment
The Magical Album
Annual Report Volume 1906-07
The Gentile Wife
The Alcestis of Euripides
Leoni a Play
The Rule of Ex Parte Waring
The New Hampshire Committee on Public Safety Personnel List of Committees Record of Organized Work Financial Statement
The Early Eucharist (AD 30-180)
Tests Analyses and Research Instruments and Textile Storage Useful Tables and Publications
An Appeal from the Twentieth Century to the Sixteenth and Seventeenthcenturies Or the Faith and Practice of the Two First Centuries Ofthe Reformed Anglican Church
The Service of Song in the House of the Lord
The Corn-Trade and Options-Markets Considered in Relation to Social Economic Problems
The Acute Contagious Diseases of Childhood
The Wonderful Trout
An Ode Pronounced Before the Inhabitants of Boston September the Seventeenth 1830 At the Centennial Celebration of the Settlement of the City
A Key to Taylors Arithmeticians Guide
Mr Websters Andover Address and His Political Course While Secretary of State
The Decay of Churches A Spiritual Outlook
William Henry Willcox A Sketch
Faith in Man The Religion of the Twentieth Century
The Origins of Religion and Other Essays
Tony the Maid A Novelette
A Primer of Orthographic Projection Or Elementary Practical Solid Geometry Clearly Explained
I a Study of Some New Semipermeable Membranes
James Chalmers Missionary and Explorer of Rarotonga and New Guinea
Railways and Waterways
Coordination in the Starfish
Six Monographs on Wind Stresses Wind Pressure Factors Specification Requirements Mill-Building Stresses Rigid Joint Wind Bracing for the Office Buildings
Historical Chart
Caleb Matthews An Idyl of the Maine Coast
A History of the Calhoun Monument at Charleston SC
Disp Iur de Restitutione Hereditatis Fideicommissariae
Biennial Report of the Secretary of State of the State of Nebraska to the Governor
Lawyer for the Defense Forty Years Before California Courts and Commissions Oral History Transcript 1986-87
Idle Fancies
The Turkey Industry
Clairvoyance as Exemplified in the Fifth Force A New Philosophy for the Guidance of Humanity During the Coming Cycle
Sergeant Brue A Musical Farce
Capetown to Kafue The Story of an Eighteen Thousand Miles Journey
Wages and Hours of Labor in the Cigar and Clothing Industries 1911 and 1912 September 2 1913
Handbook of Town Gardening by a Lady
A Thesis
Drawings of John M Swan R a
Fables on Subjects Connected with Literature Imitated by J Belfour
Vicennial Souvenir of the Class of 79
Miscellaneous Antiquities Or a Collection of Curious Papers [Ed by H Walpole]
The Baptism or the Little Inquirer Designed for the Use of Sabbath Schools
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Maufacturing Perfumers Association of the United States
Richard Bentley DD A Bibliography of His Works and of All the Literature Called Forth by His Acts or His Writings Part 4
Transactions of the Meriden Scientific Association Meriden Conn Volume 2
Message from the Governor [Of New York]
Report of the Minister of Finance on the Reciprocity Treaty with the United States Also the Memorial of the Chamber of Commerce of St Paul Minnesota and Report of Congress U S Thereon
Dipterenflugel Die Ihr Schema Und Ihre Ableitung
The Principles of Trade Co-Operation
A Modern Paul in Japan An Account of the Life and Work of the REV Paul Sawayama
Ribstone Pippins A Country Tale
The Naturalists Guide in Collecting and Preserving Objects of Natural History With a Complete Catalogue of the Birds of Eastern Massachusetts
Essays and Studies Volume 7
Census of War Commodities [1918]
Life of Johnson Edited with Introduction
Revised Collection of Selected Cases 1863-68
Earliest Years at Vassar Personal Recollections
Waste A Lecture Delivered at the Bristol Institution for the Advancement of Science Literature and the Arts
Messalina A Tragedy in Five Acts
Life in a Large Manufacturing Plant
Diseases of the Heart Their Diagnosis and Treatment
Monthly Bulletin of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry Volume 4 Issue 6
Universal Prosperity How to Attain It as a People
Sketches of Slave Life
Analysis and Classification of Performance in Vocational Relations
Scripture Atlas In Which on Maps Are Exhibited Not Only Places of Well Defined Situation But According to the Supposition of the Best Authors Every Other Locality of Historic Interest Mentioned Throughout the Sacred Scriptures
The Scholemaster Issue 23
Thomas Staples Martin (Late a Senator from Virginia) Memorial Addresses Delivered in the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States Sixty-Sixth Congress Volume 2
A Class Book of Dictation Passages Selected by W Williamson
The Parlament of Foules
Six Months in Reno
An Essay on the Cause of Rain and Its Allied Phenomena
Beginners Guide to Fruit Growing A Simple Statement of the Elementary Practices of Propagation Planting Culture Fertilization Pruning Spraying Etc
The Greatest Park in the World Palisades Interstate Park Its Purpose History and Achievements
Echoes of the War and Other Poems by EAG
Burkes Descriptive Guide Or the Visitors Companion to Niagara Falls Its Strange and Wonderful Localities
Six Months in the Gold Mines From a Journal of Three Years Residence in Upper and Lower California 1847-8-9
The Township Institute
Key to Pujol and Van Normans Complete French Class-Book
Sebastian Rale a Maine Tragedy of the Eighteenth Century
The West-Indian Marine Shells With Some Remarks a Manuscript Printed for Circulation Between Collectors
Songs from the Parsonage
Study of Ideal Dry Pipe Valve
The Sin and Danger of Insensibility Under the Calls of God to Repentance Two Sermons Delivered in the Reformed Dutch Church at Greenwich
Rhymes of a Lost Battalion Doughboy
Saddler Mullers Wendel
Vital Records of Williamstown Massachusetts to the Year 1850
The Vatican Decrees in Their Bearing on Civil Allegiance A Political Expostulation Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Rich Boys and Poor Boys and Other Tales
A Voyage to Cacklogallinia With a Description of the Religion Policy Customs and Manners of That Country
Raleghana Volume 7(1-2)
Trips and Adventures Accounts of Interesting and Varied Experiences
Duties of Masters to Servants Three Premium Essays Volume 2
Slings and Arrows
Probability and Theory of Errors No 7
Plantation Reminiscences by Page Thacker [Pseud]
Poems of War and Peace
The Rights of the Church of England Under the Reformation Settlement A Letter to the Lord Bishop of Winchester Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Religion Sentiments of the Human Mind
Report of the Officers and Chairmen of Committees of the Thirty-Fourth National Encampment G A R Chicago Illinois August 26-30 1900
Questions Sociales Conferences
Victor Hugo by a Witness of His Life
The Voyagers Companion or Shell Collectors Pilot With Directions Where to Find the Finest Shells
Yuma the Gate City of the Great Southwest
Proceedings of the City Council of Providence on the Death of Abraham Lincoln with the Oration Delivered Before the Municipal Authorities and Citizens June 1 1865
Report Volume for Year 1888
Peruvian Fabrics
Manual of the Essentials of Diseases of the Eye and Ear Part 2
Thoughts for Daily Living from the Spoken and Written Words of Robert Collyer
The Best Reading Second [--Fourth] Series a Priced and Classified Bibliography for Easy Reference of the More Important English and American Publicatons for the [Fifteen] Years Ending [Dec 1 1891] Edited by Lynds E Jones Volume 2
Poetical Chips
Historical Address of the City of Newport
Report of the Commission to Arrange and Consolidate the Statutes Made to the General Assembly at Its January Session AD 1909
A Short Poem Containing a Descant on the Universal Plan Also Lines on the Happy End of the Righteous and Prosperity and Death of the Rich Man Spoken of in Saint Lukes Gospel Part 16
Annual Report of the Indian Museum
Bohemian Legends and Ballads
United States Government Salary Tables by Permission Used as State Salary Tables Under ACT 144 Public Acts of 1899
The Private Secretary A Farcical Comedy in Three Acts
Herodotus the Second Persian War Ed [From Books 7 and 8] by AH Cooke
Errors in the Determination of Silica
Sir John Cockle at Court Being the Sequel of the King and the Miller of Mansfield a Dramatick Tale
Proceedings of the Society of American Foresters Volume 5
The Bostoniad Giving a Full Description of the Principal Establishments Together with the Most Honorable and Substantial Business Men in the Athens of America
Physical Geography Geography Taught as a Science
Pennsylvania A Record of the Universitys Men in the Great War With the Names of Those Who Gave Their Lives Those Who Were Wounded Those Who Were Honoured Those Who Were Prisoners
Arminio O Sia LEroe Germano Melodramma
Transactions of the Annual Meeting of the Missouri State Medical Association Volume 30
Who Are the Unitarians Volume 47
Observations on the Report of the Select Committee of the House of Lords Relative to the Timber Trade
Selections from the Quran (Rodwells Translation)
Vermont Marriages Volume 1
The Development of the Nature-Sense in the German Lyric a Comparison of the Two Great Lyric Periods
New Era Illustrated Magazine Volume 3
Report of Births Marriages Divorces and Deaths
The Recent Development of German Agriculture
The Little Orator Or Primary School Speaker
The Influence of the Plane of Nutrition on the Maintenance Requirement of Cattle Volumes 46-56
Revised Classification of Gas Accounts for the McMillin Companies
Humanism in New England Theology
Three Short Discourses on the Duty of Parents the Holy Scriptures and the Sabbath [By J Charlesworth]
How They Made a Man of Him
Carnations Pinks
The National Nurseryman Volume 26
School Training for the Home Duties of Women Volume 19
Transactions of the American Dermatological Association Volume 3
8000 KW Turbo-Electric Power Station Design
A Study of Home Inspection and Warranty Programs Volume- I
The Past Present and Future of the Republic
Annual Report of the Adjutant-General of the State of North Carolina for the Year [Serial] Volume 1888
California Where Life Is Better
Specimen Verses from Versions in Difference Languages and Dialects in Which the Holy Scriptures Have Been Printed and Circulated by the American Bible Society and the British and Foreign Bible Society
Zululu the Maid of Anahuac
Descriptive and Historical View of Burrs Moving Mirror of the Lakes
The Writer Volume 13
Transactions of the Section on Pathology and Physiology of the American Medical Association
Important Private Library of the Late Mr Harvey Rowland Jr of Frankford Philadelphia To Be Sold May 22-23 1907
Criminal Law Decisions and Dicta in the Cape Colony [1828-1908] Volume 1
The Theatrical Primer
Treatise on the Standard Accounting System for Printers To Be Used with the Standard Cost Finding System with Which It Interlocks
Brown Alumni Monthly Volume Vol 9 No 3
Brown Alumni Monthly Volume Vol 4 No 9
A Catechism on the Apostles Creed
Historical Sketches of the First Church in Hartford A Centennial Discourse Delivered in the First Church June 26 1836
Electrical Safety Orders
The Dingley Tariff HR 379 An ACT to Provide Revenue for the Government and to Encourage the Industries of the United States Pages 1 to 46 Comparison of the Dingley Tariff (July 24 1897) and Wilson Tariff (Aug 28 1894) Pages 47 to 110 Comple
Cambridge 1890
The Relation of Vitamines to the Growth of Young Animals
Bulletin of the Newport Historical Society Volume 11
Escape from the Confederacy
The City of the Dead And Other Poems
On the Reconstruction of the Seceded States Volume 1
Annual Report of the Maryland Historical Society
Report from the Secretary of the Treasury in Obedience to a Resolution of the Senate of the 16th of June Last
Versions Verses Sonnets After the Italian and Other Sonnets
Statute of Josiah Quincy Dedication Ceremonies October 11 1879
Little Songs Form Lifes Book
Tid APA (What Does It Matter)
Three Senses a Few Poems
Sunshine Gleams from a Sick Room Or Songs of Faith and Hope
Zorabella A Poetic Tragedy in Five Acts
Life a Poem
Westons Guide-Book and Souvenir of Cambridge
Altar Fires
Gems of Thought Verse
Evangeline and Its Author A Teachers Study
Journal of the State Convention of South Carolina Together with the Resolution and Ordinance
Letter on Colonization Addressed to the REV Thornton J Mills Corresponding Secretary of the Kentucky Colonization Society
War a Poem in Three Parts
Historical Register of the Colorado Society of the Sons of the American Revolution from July 1 1896 to November 1 1906
English Influence on the United States
Ye Last Sweet Thing in Corners Being Ye Faithful Drama of Ye Artists Vendetta
A Brief Account of the Rise Progress Present State of the Theological Seminary
A Key to the Course of Mathematics for the First BA First BSC Pass Examinations in the University of London [By T Kimber]
Laboratory Directions in Principles of Animal Biology
A History and Genealogy of the Family of Baillie of Dunain Dochfour and Lamington With a Short Sketch of the Family of McIntosh Bulloch and Other Families
The Fresh Water Fishes
A Bimetallic Primer
The Book of the Pansy Viola Violet
Immortality Four Sermons Preached Before the University of Cambridge Being the Hulsean Lectures for 1868
Sudermanns Treatment of Verse
The Pulpit Committee
Smith College Songs
Christian Weapons Not Carnal But Spiritual
Viewpoints in Biography an Arrangement of Books According to Their Essential Interest
A Manual of the Gymnastic Exercises as Practised by the Junior Class in Amherst College Amherst Mass
Kingsthorpiana Or Researches in a Church Chest Being a Calendar of Old Documents Now Existing in the Church Chest of Kingsthorpe Near Northampton with a Selection of the Mss Printed in Full and Extracts from Others
The Old English Gentleman A Poem by Mr Polwhele
The English Flower Garden
The Elements of Banking With Ten Minutes Advice about Keeping a Banker
The Crambidae of North America
Twilight Hours Poems
Mr Gladstone at Oxford 1890
Alkaloidal Estimation A Bibliographical Index of Chemical Research
Wild Peggie Or Charity with Discretion
Washington Irving Footprints
In Memory of Robert Curtis Ogden True Friend Patriotic Citizen Unofficial Statesman Christian Gentleman
Pompeii and Other Poems
Texas and the Massachusetts Resolutions
Wrights Street List and Rapid Transit Guide to
Exercises on the Side Horse
Proceedings at the Banquet to Hon James A OGorman
Address of His Excellency John A Andrew to the Two Branches of the Legislature of Massachusetts January 6 1865
Kansas Rural-School Bulletin 1922
Public Service Rate Book
Garfield in Louisiana
Academy Note Volume 17
ACTA Victorian Volume V31 N07
Report Volume 1
Poems and Addresses of Emily Green Wetherbee A Memorial Volume
de Quinceys Flight of a Tartar Tribe
Manual of the Rhode Island Society of the Sons of the American Revolution 1910-1920 Inclusive
Saratoga and Lake Champlain in History
Register of the Massachusetts Society of Colonial Dames of America 1893-1905
Illinois Department of Agriculture General Information and Laws Effective July 1 1917
Vital Records of Arlington Massachusetts to the Year 1850
Standard Method of Testing Juvenile Mentality by the Binet-Simon Scale with the Original Questions Pictures and Drawings
Cloth of Frieze
Plays and Poems by an American Author
ACTA Victorian Volume V31 N05
Picking a Winner a Farce in Three Acts
Songs of the Field
Seventeen-Seventy-Six and Other Poems
Foregone Verses
Proceedings in the Celebration at Brattleboro Vermont October 21 1892 of the Four Hundredth Anniversary of the Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus
Portia in Politics a Play in Three Acts
Piscataquis County Historical Society Its By-Laws and Membership Etc and a Bibliography of Piscataquis County
Souvenir Unveiling Soldiers and Sailors Monument Richmond Virginia May 30 1894
Pages from the Sermons of a Young Country Minister
Charter of the Rhode Island Historical Society
First Grand Gift Entertainment of Phil Sheridan Post Volume 1
Oliver Goldsmith
The Existing and Proposed Outer Park Systems of American Cities Report of the Philadelphia Allied Organizations Object The Acquisition of a Comprehensive Park System
Flight of a Tartar Tribe
Natural Education Or Rational Training by the School Town System Without Taxation
Quips and Quiddits Ques for the Qurious
Philip of Texas A Story of Sheep Raising in Texas
Freedom A Play in Four Acts
Versatile Verses
Proceedings at the Annual Lincoln Dinner of the National Republican Club in Commemoration of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln Volume 11
McClellan From Balls Bluff to Antietam
The Wisdom of the Wise A Comedy in Three Acts
Poems of Mrs Jane E D Conklin
Jacks Wife Arrives
Hudson-Fulton Celebration September 25 to October 9 1909
A Memorial
Songs of Sunrise
One Hundred and Twenty-Five Photographic Views of Chicago The Most Complete Collection Ever Published in This Form
Return of the Railroads to Private Ownership Volume 1
Home Ballads and Metrical Versions by Joseph Henry Dubbs D D
Letter from the Acting Secretary of War
Hearings Before Subcommittee of House Committee on Appropriations in Charge of Deficiency
Slavery in Its Relation to God a Review of REV Dr Lords Thanksgiving Sermon in Favor of Domestic Slavery Entitled the Higher Law in Its Application to the Fugitive Slave Bill Volume 2
Hesperides Poems and Songs
Safety of Employees and Travelers on Railroads--Railway Clearance
Songs of the Heart and Soul
Pontiac A Drama of Old Detroit 1763
Report of the Committee on Slavery to the Convention of Congregational Ministers of Massachusetts Presented May 30 1849 Volume 1
Idylls from Champlain
Songs in a Sun-Garden
The McGavock Family a Genealogical History of James McGavock and His Descendants from 1760 to 1903
The Jews in Relation to the Church and the World Lectures by Prof Cairns [And Others]
The Prophetic Movement in Israel
A Description of a Chronological Chart of the Patriarchs from Adam to Moses
The Reasonable Religion
A Treatise on Antiseptic Medication or Declats Method
Indian Club Exercises
The Best Readings Hints on the Selection of Books [C] Ed by FB Perkins 4th Revised Ed Ed by LE Jones
The Diplomatic Relations Between the United States and Mexico from 1829 to 1848
A Memoir of Miss Hannah Adams Written by Herself with Additional Notices by a Friend [Hannah F Lee] [With a Portrait]
Ringwood Manse
A Primer of the Calculus
A Catalogue of Sanskrit Manuscripts in the Norte-Western Provinces Part 9
The Pedagogical Value of Willingness for Disinterested Service as Developed in the Training School of the State Teacher and in the Religions Novitiate and the Religious Life
An Antidote [By HCorp] to the Miseries of Human Life [By JBeresford] in the History of the Widow Placid and Her Daughter Rachael
The Students Manual of Indian History
Furnace Draft Its Productoin by Mechanical Methods
An Address Delivered in the New Court House in Springfield Hampden County Massachusetts at the Dedication of the Same April 28 1874 Containing Sketches of the Early History of the Old County of Hampshire and the County of Hampden and of the Memb
History of the Volunteer Movement in Monmouthshire
Charterhouse 1611-1895 In Pen and Ink
Mary Stuart An Historical Tragedy
Luthers Two Catechisms Explained by Himself In Six Classic Writings
On the Constant Quantity of the Moons Horizontal Equatorealparallax As Deduced from Observations Made at the Cambridge Observatory and the Royal Observatories of Greenwich Edinburgh and the Cape of Goodhope
Two Plays for Schools The Three Golden Hairs the Robber Bridegroom
Coelestes Et Inferi [A Poem by F Calvert] Auctore F Calvert
The University Library and the University Curriculum Phi Beta Kappa Address North-Western University June 131893
Seventeenth Century Prose
Gorgeous Poetry 1911-1920 First Series
Aboard a Slow Train in Mizzoury
Majority Report of the Senate Committee on the Practicability of Government and State Insurance
Poems Early and Late
The Church Bells of Holderness
Memories of Hawaii and Hawaiian Correspondence
The Day of Trouble Plain Words for the Suffering Selected from the Writings of WB MacKenzie
The American Turf
A Treatise on the Improved Culture of the Strawberry Raspberry and Gooseberry Designed to Prove the Present Common Mode of Cultivation Erroneous and the Cause of Miscarriage in Crops of Fruit Also to Introduce a Cheap and Rational Method of Cultiva
Poems by Mr Potter
Memorial of IRA Harris
The Dorriad And the Great Slocum Dinner
Morning Notes of Praise a Series of Meditations Upon the Morning Psalms
The Laws of Health London Science Classbooks
Lakeland A Descriptive Poem in Four Cantos
Eigensinn Die Hochzeitsreise Zwei Lustspiele
The Cure of Rupture by Paraffin Injections
The Five Post-Kleisthenean Tribes
Tea Coffee and Cocoa A Practical Treatise on the Analysis of Tea Coffee Cocoa Chocolate Mate (Paraguay Tea) Etc
The Heralds of the Dawn a Play in Eight Scenes
Sight Reading in Latin for the Second Year
Patrice Her Love and Work A Poem in Four Parts
Revised Course of Study for Teachers Institutes Prepared by Authority of the State Board of Education of Missouri Revised May 15 1895
Methods in Elementary School Studies
Mineral Production for 1911 Volume No64
One Hundred Meatless Dishes
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers Marriages Volume 5
Select Poems from Wordsworth and Tennyson
Russias Part in the World War
Buffalo 1893 a Descriptive and Statistical Sketch of the City of Buffalo and Its Suburbs
Soldier Songs and Love Songs
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Baptist State Convention [Serial] Volume 1903
Sea Lanes and Other Poems
Plays in the Market-Place
19th Century Calendars and Facts
Cold Dishes for Hot Weather
Gleanings From Our Own Fields Being Selections from Catholic American Poets
Annual Report for the Town of Bedford New Hampshire Volume 1911
Discipline of Indiana Yearly Meeting of Friends Being the Constitution and Discipline of the American Yearly Meeting of Friends With the Additions Adopted by Indiana Yearly Meeting
What Is Your Legion
Report of the Pennsylvania State Railroad Commission for the Year Ending Volume 1908
Columbus as a Convention City
International Law Applied to the Treaty of Peace
A Lecture Delivered Forl Wayne St Patricks Day 1881
The Annual Report of the Connecticut Historical Society Volume 22
The Eternal Magdalene A Modern Play in Three Acts
The Pearl of Anjou and Other Poems
Censeur Le Or a Correction of the Principal Errors Made by the English in Speaking French by EDG
Youths Pilgrimage
Taxation of Railroads and Railroad Securities Report of a Committee to a Convention of Railroad Commissionere Held at Saratoga Springs June 10 1879 Together with a Summary of Laws in Relation to Railroad Taxation in Force in the Various States of the
Memoirs Volume 1
The Address in Surgery Delivered Before the British Medical Association at Torquay MDCCCLX
A Scramble Through the Hills to Cashmere
An Episode in the Life of Guido Reni from the Ital by G Grey
An Excursion to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado
Report of Births Marriages Divorces and Deaths Issue 13
The Exchange Cook Book
The Year Book Volume 1914
A Theory of Conduct
The Passing of Mothers Portrait
The Atonement Its Relation to Pardon
The Yield of Acetic Acid as Influenced by Temperature in Wood Distillation
A Rift in the Clouds and Other Poems
The Scottish Communicant to Which Is Annexed the Order for the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist
The Figures of Euclid with the Enunciations as Printed in Euclids Elements of Plane Geometry [Book 1-4 6] by WD Cooley
A Discourse Delivered Before the Historical Society of the State of Pennsylvania on New Years Day 1827
A Vindication of Mr Holwells Character from the Aspersions Thrown Out in an Anonymous Pamphlet Intitled Reflections Upon the Present State of Our East-India Affairs by His Friends
An Historical Souvenir of Several of the United Brethren Churches of Reading and Vicinity
Our Wee Boy Earnest Thoughts for Young Mothers Gleaned from a Brief Motherhood
The Cosmic Law of Thermal Repulsion an Essay Suggested by the Projection of a Comets Tail
The Linnets Life 12 Poems [By A and J Taylor]
The Ministry an Appeal to College Men
Report of the Special State Commission Appointed in 1915 On the Subject of Taxation Submitted to the General Assembly in 1917
The Captive and Other Early Rhymes
The Sir Roger de Coverley Papers from the Spectator
Speech of Mr Davis of Massachusetts in the Senate of the United States January 28 1851
Family Prayers for a Fortnight by a Lady
France and the United States Essays and Addresses
The Silk Calculator A Practical Manual of Silk Calculations with Yarn Comparative Tables Weight Tables Calculations of Silks and Calculation Blanks
In Memoriam Ralph Waldo Emerson Recollections of His Visits to England in 1833 1847-8 1872-3 and Extracts from Unpublished Letters
Genealogy and American Local History in the Michigan State Library
The Proposed Court of Arbitral Justice Letter of James Brown Scott to the Netherland Minister of Foreign Affairs Dated January 12 1914 with Accompanying Documents Concerning the Establishment of the Court of Arbitral Justice
The American Grape Growers Guide
An Examination of Some of the More Important Texts in the New Testament That Relate to the Deity of Our Lord Jesus Christ with Special Reference to the Treatment They Have Severally Received in the Revised Version
The Deck of the Crescent City a Poem
Annual Report of the New Jersey State Board of Education Volume 1853
A Japanese Journey
An Historical Memoir of the Pennsylvania Society
The Cost of Living
Wedgwood and His Imitators
Bulletin Extension Series Volume Sr No 280
Our Lord Jesus Christ Teaching on the Lake of Gennesaret 6 Discourses
Letters and Leadership
The Quest of the Ideal
Detecting Efficiency of the Resistance-Capacity Coupled Amplifier to 6000 Meters
Daniel Webster Volume 2
AW Kinglake A Biographical and Literary Study
A Political Dissertation Upon Bull-Baiting and Evening Lectures With Occasional Meditations on the 30th of January
A Review of Ecclesiastical Proceedings in the Congregational Church and Society in Brooklyn Conn
The Well-Bred Doll [By J Delafaye-Brehier Tr by JC]
The Man and the Rose
The Laws of Short Whist
The Hope of the World and Other Poems
The Spanish Tresor Or the Art of Translating Easy English Into Spanish at Sight
The Soldiers Manual of Rifle Firing at Various Distances
A Brief Resume of the History of the United States Arranged for the Use of Teachers and Pupils
A Few Observations on the Climate of Teneriffe
The Granular Venereal Disease and Abortion in Cattle
The Harp of Canaan
The New Forest and the Isle of Wight with Eight Plates and Many Other Illustrations
The Doctrine of Baptismal Regeneration Contrasted with the Tenets of Calvin in a Sermon
The Camouflage of Shirley
Advertising and Other Addresses
Aicha the Mauresque An Algerian Fantasy
Report of the Committee to Whom Was Referred the Memorial of the Anti-Slavery Society
Circular Letter of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
Report of the Commissioners of Forest Park
Address of the President of the United States Delivered at a Joint Session of the Two Houses of Congress April 2 1917
How to Play Basket Ball A Thesis on the Technique of the Game
Annual Report Volume 1913
Exercises at Dedication of the New City Hall and Memorial Organ
Give Yourself a Fair Start
Union Station Washington D C Statements Before the Committee on the District of Columbia
Two Speeches Delivered in the New York State Convention September 1824 With the Proceedings of the Convention
Ceremonies at the Dedication of the Equestrian Statue of Major-General Anthony Wayne
Outline and Notes on United States History
Pocahontas A Poem
Stories and Poems
Annual Report Volume 1908
114 Proved Plans to Save a Busy Man Time Tested Plans for Making Every Minute Count-Ways to Keep Work Free from Interruption-How to Put Your Office and Desk in Effective Time-Saving Trim-Methods That Help to Speed Up Routine
Allied and American Peace as Seen by a Linguist
Repor Volume 1915-1916
Pasadena Kindergartens
Aglavaine and Selysette A Drama in Five Acts
The Jig of Forslin A Symphony
The Penalties of Taste and Other Essays
A Critical Commentary on Archbishop Seckers Letter to the Right Honourable Horatio Walpole Concerning Bishops in America
Doctor Kilgannon
The Mourner Comforted Or Extracts Consolatory on the Loss of Friends
The Worth of a Woman A Play in Four Acts
A Descriptive Catalogue of Preparations Illustrative of the Diseaes of the Ear
The Evolution of Property from Savagery to Civilization
The Workings of the Holy Spirit in the Church of England A Letter to the REV EB Pusey DD
The Anatomy of a Railroad Report And Tonmile Cost
Poem Historic Andover
Transactions of the American Dental Association Volume 29
The Dahlia A Practical Treatise on Its Habits Characteristics Cultivation and History
Luke the Labourer
A Venture in 1777
A Familiar Explanation of the Art of Assaying Gold and Silver
The Gospel According to St Luke Volume 11
The Democratic National Committee 1830-1876
The Effect of Secession Upon the Commercial Relations Between the North and South and Upon Each Section
The World for Christ
The Money Spinner An Original Comedy in Two Acts
Bulletin Issue 54
A Retreat of Eight Days for Religious
The Peace Cross Book Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul Washington
The Overture
A Primer of English Parsing and Analysis
With Double Pipe
Correspondence in the Matter of the Society of Arts and Henry Wilde DSC FRS On the Award to Him of the Albert Medal 1900 And on the Invention of the Dyamo-Electric Machine
Diet of Infants and Young Children
A Medley of Rhymes for the Children Written and Tr by AM
Specifications for Sewer Construction Adopted October 8 1914
The Changing Girl A Little Book for the Girl of Ten to Fifteen
Simple Lessons for the Use of Teachers in Infant Sunday Schools Following the Church Seasons Advent to Trinity
Widows Wisdom
The Lesson of Obedience and Other Stories
Electricity Its Nature and Forms With a Study on Electro-Therapeutics
Infant Life Its Nurture and Care by ENG
Stories for Children A Book for All Little Girls and Boys
Down the Road with a Tramp Writer [Poems
The Young Crusoe Or the Shipwrecked Boy
Thomas Shillitoe Shoemaker and Minister
Net Rates and Reserves Adapted to Calculations Involving Preliminary Term Insurance Also Tables for Various Increasing Temporary Insurances
Some Psychological Principles Underlying Moral Education
The Threshold of Private Devotion
Small School Libraries
The Ants of Haiti
General Dam Legislation Hearings Before the Committee on Interstate and
The War Aims of the United States A Study Outline
The Temperature-Entropy Diagram
Annual Report of the New Jersey State Board of Education Volume 1856
A Collection of Valuable Documents Being Birneys Vindication of Abolitionists--Protest of the American AS Society--To the People of the United States Or to Such Americans as Value Their Rights--Letter from the Executive Committee of the NYAS Soc
Abraham Lincoln His Story Volume 2
The Form of Government the Discipline and the Directory for Worship of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America
The Longer Thou Livest the More Fool Thou Art
A Campaign in Mexico
The Cemetery of Pachyammos Crete
The Amazons A Lyrical Drama
The Effect of Age on Habit Formation in the Albino Rat
A Brief History of the Town of Glocester Rhode Island Preceded by a Sketch of the Territory While a Part of Providence
Piscatorial Rambles Or the Fishermans Pocket Companion
A Womans Thoughts about Men
General Prospectus of the Project to Celebrate the Centenary of the Signing of the Treaty of Ghent Which Established Lasting Peace Between America and Great Britain As Well as the Plan to Signalize in Fitting Manner the Peace Which Has Existed Between
A Brief Account of the Hastings Ladies Association for the Schools in the East in Connexion with the Church of England
A Handful of Pebbles
The Pictorial Life of Benjamin Franklin Printer Typefounder Ink Maker Bookbinder Copperplate Engraver and Printer Stationer Merchant Bookseller Author Editor Publisher Inventor Scientist Philosopher Diplomat Philanthropist and Statesman
Anglosaxon Witness on Four Alleged Requisites for Holy Communion Fasting Water Alter Lights and Incense
A Manual of Soil Physics
Proceedings of the New York State Historical Association Annual Meeting with Constitution and By-Laws and List of Members Volume 11
Abbreviations and Technical Terms Used in Book Catalogs and in Bibliographies
Stamford Soldiers Memorial
Instructions Governing the Procurement of Supplies and Engagement of Services Quartermasters Department US Army Issued by the Quartermaster-General to Carry Out the Provisions of GO 18 73 and 176 War Department 1908 and GO 28 War Departmen
Florida Winter Pleasure Tours Under the Personally-Conducted System of the Pennsylvania Railroad Season of 1898
Ballads of Childhood
Experimental Researches Relative to the Nutritive Value and Physiological Effects of Albumen Startch and Gum When Singly and Exclusively Used as Food
Grandma Gibbs of the Red Cross a Patriotic Comedy Drama in Four Acts
Stray Gold A Ramblers Clean-Up
Proceedings in Commemoration of the Organization in Pittsfield February 7 1764 of the First Church of Christ
Fenris the Wolf A Tragedy
Dolce Far Niente
Loaning Money in the District of Columbia Hearings Before the Subcommittee of the Committee on the District of Columbia United States Senate Sixty-Fourth Congress First Session on S 4661 a Bill to Amend the ACT Entitled an ACT to Regulate the Bus
Hospital Leaves and Lyrics
Poemata Amantis First and Second Series
Messmates A Drama in Three Acts
Autumn A Prize Poem
Jim Marshalls New Pianner and Other Western Stories (Specially Adapted for Public Reading)
My Soul Thou Hast Much Goods
The Merry Cobbler An Original Comedy Drama in Four Acts
Mother Goose Comes to Portland
Constance A Poetical Romance
Jephtha Sacrificing and Dinah Two Dramatic Poems
Esther and Harbonah
The Will of Song A Dramatic Service of Community Singing
The Williamson and Cobb Families in the Lines of Caleb and Mary (Cobb) Williamson of Barnstable Mass and Hartford Conn 1896
The Aeroplane a Concise Scientific Sudy
A Token of Remembrance from a Mother to Her Absent Children
City Building A Citation of Methods in Use in More Than One Hundred Cities for the Solution of Important Problems in the Progressive Growth of the American Municipality
The A B C of Electricity
The Truth of Spiritualism
The Social Factors Affecting Special Supervision in the Public Schools of the United States
Internal Improvements in Alabama
The Isolation and Identification of Some of the Compounds of Coal Tar Creosote
Broken Shade Poems
A Manual of Georgia for the Use of Immigrants and Capitalists
The Western Farmers Almanac for the Year of Our Lord Volume Yr1829
The Cinnamon Heart
An Historical Address Delivered Before the Citizens of the Town of Dedham on the Twenty-First of September 1836 Being the Second Centennial Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town Volume 1
The English Lakes and Other Poems
Hand Book 1901-1902
The New Philosophy of Money Or the Tragedy of Economics A Text Book of Economics Dealing with the Nature and Office of Money and the Correct Method of Its Supply
Historical Sketch of Geological Explorations in Pennsylvania and Other States
The Principal Heresies Relating to Our Lords Incarnation
Examination of Water for Sanitary and Technical Purposes
Cura de Moro
de La Prononciation En France
Students Guide in Quantitative Analysis Intended as an Aid to the Study of Fresenius System
The New Zealand University Calendar Volume 19
Fine and Industrial Arts in Elementary Schools
Old English Colour Prints
A Study in Cereal Rust Physiological Races
The Chronicle History of King Leir The Original of Shakespeares King Lear Edited by Sidney Lee
Madohen Von Treppi Und Marion Das
Take Care of Number One Or Good to Me Includes Good to Thee
The Wisdom of Nathan Gray and Other Poems
Cane Sugar and Potassium Nitrate as Plasmolysing Agents
Worldly Wisdom from Benjamin Franklin
Song of Cristian Life and Work
The Knights of the Holy Grail A Solution of the Boy Problem
The Apostolic Mode of Performing Baptism Its Relation to the Covenant
Hearings Before the Committee on the Judiciary House of Representatives Sixty-Fourth Congress First[-Second] Session
The Christian Ministers Reasons for Baptizing Infants and for Administering the Ordinance by Sprinkling or Pouring of Water
A Short History of Germany and Her Colonies
Organization of Public Health Nursing
The Mostellaria of Plautus
The Easy Road to Reading Primer
Seventy Five Years Anniversary Proceedings of the Founding of the Presbyterian Church Kingston I
The Jefferson-Lemen Compact
A Memorial of EJM [A Selection Made by E Marshall of Her Verse]
Church History Handbooks Volume 3
Story and Song
Paysical Education in Social Settleients
Commerical Examination Papers
The Twilight Drummers and Other Sketches
Ingrams Interest Tables
Abstracts from the Wills and Testamentary Documents of Binders Printers and Stationers of Oxford
The Peel Collection and the Dutch School of Painting
The Future Independence and Progress of American Medicine in the Age of Chemistry
Scientific Distribution
The Chemical Tables for the Calculation of Quantitative Analysis of H Rose Recalculated for the More Recent Determinations of Atomic Weights and with Other Alterations and Additions
Unsoundness of Mind in Relation to Criminal Acts
The Miners Conflict with the Mineowners
Remarks Upon Recent Commercial Legislation Suggested by the Expository Statement of the Revenue from Customs and Other Papers Lately Submitted to Parliament
Some Account of the Gibbs-Channing Portrait of George Washington Painted by Gilbert Stuart
The Writing of English By P J Hartog with the Assistance of Mrs Amy H Langdon
Graded and Annotated Catalog of Books in the Public Library of the District of Columbia for Use in the Schools of the City
The Past and Present Condition of Public Hygiene and State Medicine in the United States
Two Discourses The First of Preaching Christ The Second of Particular and Experimental Preaching
Tribute of the Massachusetts Historical Society To the Memory of Edward Everett January 30 1865
A Geographical and Historical Dictionary of Palestine or the Holy Land
A Report of the Method and Results of the Treatment for the Malignant Cholera by Small and Frequently Repeated Doses of Calomel with an Enquiry Into the Nature and Origin of the Complaint
An Essay Suggestive of a Scheme of Colonisation Adapted to the Wild Lands of British North America and Especially Recommended to the Consideration of the Government and People of Canada
Astronomical Photography for Amateurs
The General School Laws of the State of North Dakota
Questions on the Epistle to the Hebrews Designed for Bible Classes and Sunday Schools Adapted to the Authors Notes on That Epistle
The Fairy Knoll
Railway Mail Pay Preliminary Report Submitted to the Joint Committee on
Handbook of the Benet-Mercie Machine Rifle Model of 1909 With Pack Outfits and Accessories
Ricciarda Atragedy [Tr] by J Atkinson
The Life of T W Price Now of Rehobath Wilcox Co ALA
Applied Psychology a Series of Twelve Volumes on the Applications of Psychology to the Problems of Personal and Business Efficiency Volume 6
Six Familiar Lectures for the Use of Young Military Officers by a Field Officer [A W Torrens]
Cattle (the Human Species)
Cemetery Inscriptions from Huntington
Bulletin Science Series Volume 3
A Manual for the Members of the Briery Presbyterian Church Virginia
The Registers of Bopton Castle Shropshire 1538-1812
Over de Spelling Van de Bastaartwoorden in t Nederduitsch
Inductive German Method Books 1 2 3 4 Book 1
A Letter from Lord Denman to Lord Brougham On the Final Extinction of the Slave-Trade
The Anglers Complete Guide to the Rivers and Lakes of England [And Wales]
Poems from Life
The Test of Truth
Stephen Benton Elkins (Late a Senator from West Virginia) Memorial Addresses Delivered in the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States Proceedings in the Senate February 11 1911 Proceedings in the House January 7 1912 Volume 2
Watsons Magazine [Serial] Volume 43 (1906)
Watsons Magazine [Serial] Volume 51 (1906)
Women at the Hague The International Congress of Women and Its Results
The Sacred Feast Short Discourses on the Lords Supper
Tributes to the Memory of Robert C Winthrop Dec 13 1894
Watsons Magazine [Serial] Volume 183 (1914)
Stories from the Old French Chronicles
Proceedings of the General Convention of Congregational Ministers and Delegates in the United States Held at Albany NY October 1852 Together with the Sermon [Christ and Him Crucified] Preached on the Occasion by REV Joel Hawes
The Young Conchologists Book of Species Univalves Containing Descriptions of Six Hundred Species and Illustrated by Many Figures
Proceedings of the Indian Association Vol I
Seaborn Anderson Roddenbery (Late a Representative from Georgia) Memorial Addresses Delivered in the House of Representatives and the Senate of the United States Sixty-Third Congress Second Session Volume 2
Vital Records of New Ashford Massachusetts to the Year 1850
Poetic Symposia A Toast to Poets of All the Ages
The Second Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians A Study in Translations and an Interpretation
Texas Heroes A Reader for Schools
Wayside Flowers A Collection of Short Poems
Standard for Municipal Fire Preventive Appliances in Cities Towns and Villages Having Waterworks Protection
South African Journal of Natural History Volume 3 No 2
Saratoga County an Historical Address
Syllabus of the Lectures in Engineering at the Owens College
Wych-ELM Poems
Studies in the Acts of the Apostles
Turquoise and Iron [Poems By]
Guide to Washington
The State of Maryland and Its Advantages for Immigrants Especially Farmers Manufacturers and Capitalists
Pesceballo Opera in One Act Il
The New Morn English Diplomacy and the Triple Entente A Phantasmagoria in One Act
The Course of Study in Terms of Childrens Activities for the Kindergarten and Primary Grades
The Maxims Experiences and Observations of Agogos
Our Masters Lessons Truths Pondered at Christs Feet
A Brief on the Doctrine of the Conservation of Forces
Catalogue of the United States Army Medical Museum Volume 3

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